A turning point in my life…where have I been? 
It may be an overused phrase, however, this does indeed mark a turning point in my life and the content of my blog.  While what I have done over the past years has been an amazing experience in itself and allowed me to enjoy some “trips of a lifetime” with my family, what really comes to mind is my husbands words to me at the beginning “Are you sure you want to turn something you love into a job?”
My answer at the time was yes, and still is actually, just with some major adjustments!  What my personal struggle has been is balance.  
So, I took an almost year long hiatus from blogging, social media, and many, many miscellaneous things in life.  I have been slowly “gearing up” for entering the online blogging and crafting world again, just with a bit of a twist. Over the past few years I have been slowly collecting and playing with jewelry making tools and accessories (I still love paper too!).  Like many folks I just like to create with my hands, but I didn’t want to feel like I was so tied to one product and hobby as my focus.  
Balance…I have Marie Kondo’d my life!
No matter how rewarding it was, I needed to choose a different path for me. A balance of home, family, God, and simple joy. In other words I have  “Marie Kondo’d” my life and I am excited to see what happens.  I have been purging like crazy.  Where before paper crafting had literally taken over, NOW you can see from these pictures there is better balance!  It’s till a work in progress though.  I’ll keep you updated!  The left is of my loft teaching space, and the right is my personal studio.
Last year I started to serve in our church media room. I have loved learning and am happy I found a way to serve and give back.  My friends and I have also started a bible study that meets at my house twice a month. Right now we are doing the Beth Moore study “Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit Of The Spirit”. I have really enjoyed the time spent with these ladies and I am looking forward to continued growth.
What is happening to the blog?
My intent going forward is that this blog will be a reflection of those changes, much less structure, just simple joy.  I want to create and share blog posts for fun, not to meet SEO ratings or a monetized YouTube…lol…  Yep, even though I did well with both it took the spontaneity out of it (and in full disclosure, I was monetized until YouTube changed the parameters last year)   It is a common misconception that running an online business is easier.  It’s just not, at least for me.  I can, in fact, say that from experience, having owned a brick and mortar business for over 20 years.
I STILL want to share my paper stamping! The picture above is the So Many Stars Bundle in the New Holiday Stampin’ Up! Catalog.
However, I want to also share my wire weaving (yep, those are my very first attempts), metal stamping (still learning), and metal etching creations with you. ( I LOVE my Foredom Flex Shaft and my Optivisor!) Sometimes, I just want to share my quirky, silly life, too! I have become a collector of inspirational quotes and Bible verses, I love them!  And, life confession, If it weren’t for my husband and child I really would have a house full of cats and plants!
Where did all the details go?
Going forward if you have any questions about anything, simply leave them in the comments and I am happy to answer.  I don’t want to fill my posts with information like dimensions and product that not everyone needs just to fill space.  This blog adjustment will be a work in progress for a while.  I am even changing the blog look and name, the cats STAY though…lol… because they make me happy.  Meow.