Hocus Pocus Wine Keyring


Our Hocus Pocus charmed keyring will delight the wine lover in your life. Letters and bewitching graphics are hand stamped. Delightful wine charm adds the perfect touch to this whimsical keyring.


Hocus Pocus Wine Stainless Steel Keyring with wine glass charm is the perfect gift for the wine-lover in your life. Because image and words are stamped on strong, durable, non-tarnishing aluminum, this adorable keyring will last and look great for seasons to come. Item measures 1 1/8″ x 2″.  

All wearable art created by Stamping Cat Studio is designed, cut, stamped, woven, soldered, polished and assembled by me. I use sterling silver, copper, brass, bronze, gold, aluminum, and stainless steel in my creations. Because each letter is stamped, one by one, every piece will be unique. Letters may not be perfectly straight or evenly spaced, which is considered a charming quality of hand stamped jewelry. You will find this adds to its organic feel and artistic value. Thank you for your support in sharing handmade art one creation at a time!  ❤



Please be sure to read about the metal content used for each unique design. See policies section for a breakdown of what’s in all of the metals used.



Packaging is the first impression to any gift. Purchases from Stamping Cat Studio will be gift packaged beautifully, making it great for gifting as well as  receiving them as a gift to yourself too!  ❤



*Pieces are custom made to order.

*Orders typically take 3- 5 business days for production. Please see the policy section for the most up-to-date production time.

*If your order is time sensitive and you need it quickly I offer RUSH PRODUCTION for $20. Rush Production is maximum 3 business days in production. Please send me a message if you’re interested in an in-house upgrade. Note this is not a shipping upgrade. For shipping upgrades, select the method that suits your needs best at checkout.



I use fine metals, silver filled, gold-filled, base metals, plated metals, and alloys. Metals are high-quality and any sealants or sprays used are low VOC and eco-friendly. 



Every piece is made to order in Washington State with considerable care and attention to detail. Your creation is thoroughly tumbled and polished before being sent out. Metal, in its purest state, when it comes in contact with air and the oils of your skin, does tarnish or darken. Aged or darkened metal is a natural process. So, aging depends largely on each individual person as to how long it will take before your piece tarnishes. Also, some people find brass, copper and/or German silver can discolor the skin temporarily. If that is unappealing to you, consider one of my sterling silver or gold filled pieces instead. I work with base metals which are alloys and solid metals. Here’s a breakdown of the content in the metals. Nu Gold is 85% copper and 15% zinc. German silver is 65% copper, 18% nickel and 17% zinc. Copper is pure 100% copper. Sterling silver or gold filled products are termed fine metals. The term filled means a thicker coating over a base metal than something that is plated which is a thinner coating. Gold filled is a layer of 14K gold placed over brass. Rose gold filled items are 14K rose gold over brass. Yellow gold is a layer of 14K gold filled over brass. I use eco-friendly patinas and sealants to get the patina to hold.  I offer eco-friendly sprays on metal to stave off the tarnishing effect.  When it arrives to you the process is fully cured. At that point the coating is best described as a modified resin, similar to varnish on furniture so take that into account prior to purchase if you have previously experienced allergic tendencies when brushing your arm against a varnished piece of furniture. If that’s the case, we suggest you steer clear of our sprays and patinas and go toward our untreated metal pieces. People can have allergies to so many things and metal and sealants can of course be some of them. If it is a concern to you, I suggest you research your allergic tendencies and know them well before making a purchase. And if you even think you might have an allergic reaction to metal or the sealants used, I suggest you steer clear of it. I cannot be held responsible for allergic reactions to my products. Reach out to me prior to making a purchase for additional information about any of the products offered.

Please reach out to me prior to purchase if you have any additional questions or concerns, Stampingcatstudio@gmail.com 


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