I seem to be writing my posts on Sunday afternoons so far, while my husband watches football. I am actually writing them on a tablet as an email that I send to myself. That way when I get to my desk I can copy, paste, and edit easily!  Wish I would have thought of that a long time ago! Over the last week I have continued to purge, organize, and even found time to create. Notice the updated blog header, yep I created that! My friend Libby Foreman gave me feedback on wording and spacing, she was a great sounding board! Thank you!

My blog is evolving, and Integrant Services is amazing for blog help!

Although I created the image for the header myself, I could not for the life of me figure out how to upload it to my blog. When it comes to the really technical stuff I turn to Integrant Services! This husband and wife duo are such a blessing! They do amazing work and are very fairly priced. Their maintenance programs are very reasonable, too!  Nope, I was not paid to say that! I just want to pass along a great tip for those of you who need this kind of help! I was amazed at how hard it was to find someone! So now I have a new blog domain name and I even have a new email!  Thank you Brian and Nicole!

On to the metal stamped jewelry!

I had tentatively played with my metal stamping a few times, but had never really tried to make anything. Until now. Here is a picture of the three types of chain I purchased to create some necklaces, as well as my very first metal stamping items. I will take pictures of my completed items after I add the beads, charms, etc… I share my thoughts about what I learned below!

A sweet friend who used to do metal stamping gave me a few tips to try. I thought they were brilliant! Thank you Tracy Lewis! One of the things she suggested was to stamp your intended font or image on a paper template using ink, so you can make sure it will fit and get an idea of what the layout needs to be. I actually used my paper punches and created templates to stamp on that way. She also suggested inking up each alphabet font and “stamping” unto paper many times to practice. This was so helpful to me in general, just to see how the fonts stamped.

My very first real stamping attempt was on a blank I had already. I had no idea what type of metal it was, so it turned out to be very hard. I am thinking a stainless steel. There are sets of fonts that are meant to stamp stainless steel, mine are not, however, made for that. Needless to say the stamping was very shallow. Which led to me being unsure why my blackening agent wasn’t working. I tried Gilder’s Paste in black, as well as a Sharpie. After stamping on a few of my aluminum blanks I realized what was wrong… lol, yep i was a bit slow on this one!

Aluminum and copper are a great metal to start with. 

The aluminum ones stamped easily with one strike using steady pressure. Success! So I actually went back to the steel one, and lined up my fonts and tried again with really hard pressure and a few strikes. I don’t suggest doing this, but I knew I would never do it again, and the item was for my daughter. Her favorite bible verse is Romans 8:18, so I figured it was good practice. All things considered it actually turned out well!

The spacing on my small meow charm was not good. That one is for practice, maybe I’ll put it in a scrapbook. Maybe I can add a dash and make it into Me-ow. Yep, of course I meant to do that!

Oh, I learned one really important thing!  The handheld hole punches I had are not great for this! They leave an ugly ring around where the hole was punched. This lead me to purchase a Double Hole Punch Plate, (below) which applies a more controlled pressure. No ugly rings!

That’s all for today!  MEOW! 

Happy creating, Shannon